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Updated: Oct 20, 2019

Are you suffering from lower back pain, a stiff neck and shoulders, or tight hips? Do you have frequent headaches from a poor posture and too much screen time?

Office yoga is an ideal way to loosen up any tension in the body accumulated from extended periods of sitting in-front of a desk.

If you travel a lot and don’t have the opportunity to stretch a bit during your journey, your body will be grateful to move through these yoga poses. 

Office yoga has been designed in a way where you don’t need any props or a yoga mat for example. The beauty is that you may stay in your office clothes, and you will only be using the space in which you are sitting or currently residing in. 

Seated eagle arms (#garudasana) : place the right arm under the left and bring your palms as close to each other as possible. This pose creates a nice stretch for your upper back area, opens the shoulder blades, and stretches muscles in the arms.

Hold this pose for a few breaths, breathing deeply through the belly, inhaling for 4 and exhaling for 4 breaths every time. After five breaths, switches hands. 

Cow face pose (#gomukhasana) : while seated in your chair, get hold of the opposite hand and fingers behind you. This pose will create a little chest opening and stretch the muscles around your shoulders.  Make sure to switch arms after five breaths.

Side neck stretch : lifting one arm up get hold of your head and gently stretch it towards one side. Extend the opposite arm on the side of your body to feel a deeper #stretch.

This pose will do wonders for your neck, and will help you alleviate tension.

Hold the stretch for about 5 breaths and then switch sides.

Seated twist : place one hand on the opposite knee, and the other hand behind your back. Start twisting backwards, looking over your shoulder.

Twist deeper with every exhale, and stay in the pose for about 5 breaths, then switch sides. 

Seated upper body twist : as you fold forwards, place one hand on the floor between your feet and raise the opposite arm in the air, for a nice #spinaltwist. Hold this pose for about 5 breaths to create a nice chest opener, and then gracefully switch sides. 

Extended arms & head drop : while seated, extend both arms in-front of you, drop your head between your arms and relax your neck.

Hold the pose for about 5 breaths or as long as needed to unwind from screen time. 




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