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Transitioning into Fall & Winter

Are you still dreaming about those hot summer days, spending time outdoors and soaking in all the sun? Transitioning into a new season is not easy, but now that fall is officially here, we need to learn to adapt and prepare our bodies for the winter.

Days are starting to get shorter, colder and darker, hence not only do we need to adjust mentally to a new season but our bodies need to also adjust physically. Our immune system needs a bit of a boost- this is where nutrition, activities and selfcare play a big role.

Food (yuummm)

Due to the colder weather our bodies burn more and thus need more fuel during the day, hence we can't have a simple summer salad as we used to. A nice alternative would be for example, cooking a warm stew with lentils and kale (don't forget the garlic- the favorite antibiotic). Fall comes with lots of delicious produce including, sweet potatoes and pumpkin.

If you have a blender or a juicer at home, make some fresh fruit juice every morning to give the system a nice boost at the beginning of the day.

For all my tea lovers out there, next time you make a cup of tea, squeeze in some lemon juice and a tea spoon of good quality honey. You may also add some fresh ginger if you like.

(note: honey of poor quality is diluted and full of sugar, which actually weakens the immune system).

Ginger, lemon, honey tea

Okay, it's not all about food now, is it?


As the days get colder, we dread spending time outside, hence we don't keep active as much. The good news is that there are plenty of indoor sports you could try out.

Of course, yoga, are you surprised I mentioned yoga, which is available all year round?! Other beautiful indoor sports you could choose are swimming (your back will be ever grateful), indoor climbing (wow, what a nice workout for your muscles), badminton (should you want to try out a new sport).

There are countless fun activities out there, the most important is to engage in any form of exercise during the colder/darker seasons. When we exercise our body releases endorphins, giving us this "feel good" feeling. We will need a LOT of endorphines when those winter blues hit in on a grey, dark Monday morning. So...get moving my friend!

YOU TIME aka Selfcare

You are thinking right now..."me time? does that mean I can just watch TV all of Sunday, and at the same time scroll through social media??" NO! NO! NO!

You time, does not mean, running errands, finishing up laundry, stalking people on Facebook. If anything, "me time" is all about turning away from technology and turning towards nourishing activities. Indulging in a nice warm bath with some relaxing music, going for a massage, taking 5-10 minutes out of your day to meditate.

Come on, everyone has 10 minutes! You time, is reading a good book next to the fireplace (if you have one, I don't :(), or under a blanket with a nice cup of tea, and a HOT WATER bottle (so old school I know). Or even better, scheduling a trip to the spa with your friends.

P.S..... there are only 222 days left until summer :)




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